Day: August 17, 2010

Sibwings – Saab 91 Safir X

Thanks to Sibwings, fly the Saab 91 Safir X in FSX/2004. This complete package offers 4 de tailed variants of the aircraft, with realistic sounds and flight

Tempelhof takes off for AirlineSim!

Online aviation simulation AirlineSim  is pleased to be able to present, from the 16th of August 2010, its third international game world. Known as “Tempelhof”,

The Hudson Miracle Approach

In honour of Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger III, First Officer Jeffrey B. Skiles, Flight Attendant Sheila Dail,Flight Attendant Donna Dent and Flight Attendant Doreen Welsh,

NMG – Johannesburg FSX / FS2004

The South African largest city Johannesburg gets its international airport now modeled by NMG, with detailed buildings, animated jetways, night effects and more. Here are

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