Day: September 12, 2010

Barcelona preview

Rainer Duda of Aerosoft team has published screenshots preview of LEBL Barcelona 2010, almost reeady for release. Modeled by Sim-Wings, it should be made available

Flightbeam SFO X news

According to the latest news from Flightbeam, they are actually designing elevated roadways, garages and tramways in their San Francisco X scenery. More detailed informations

SunSkyJet KPHL release date

Philadelphia Intl KPHL is the 10th busiest airport in the world in terms of aircraft activity. Being the the primary international hub of US Airways,

HJG Summertime Website Update

“The Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) have pleasure announcing it summertime website update …featuring 2 new aircraft;5 new panels; 2 additional soundpacks. And a flightline of

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