Day: October 21, 2010

FlightBeam – SFO Preview update

If their is a project we wouldn’t avoid any preview update, it would be San Francisco X from FlightBeam. Their latest screenshot shows how they

Airac Cycle 1011 available

As for each month, update your FMS and planners database through Navigraph navdata service. Here’s their notice :” Cycle 1011 is now available in the FMS

CLS MD81/82 Service Pack 1

CLS delivers nicely modeled aircrafts with systems simulations adapted to beginners or pilots looking for an easy and quick flight. Their latest product, MD81/82 Jetliner,

707 Captain 1.2 and new price

As the 707 Captain has been updated, and the price set below 50 EUR, Captain Sim dropped the following note to their customers. “We are

Aerosoft – Larnaca X

Located at Cyprus, Larnaca is the airport based on the greek side of the island. Aerosoft designed it and the immediate surroundings with many details,

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