Day: November 3, 2010

Newport – Photo Real Memphis X

If you like or want to discover Memphis from the sky, try the photoreal scenery Memphis X of Newport. Designed at 2 cm/px definition, it

Flightsim Commander 9

The popular Flightsim Commander goes version 9 ! More than a FS Planner, it’s a GPS and moving map. Look the entire new features list

Review: Do you always need a plane in FSX ? Nah!

I will look at what does a model of a marine vessel have to do within the world of FSX flight simulation and flying. Adding a boat into my hanger full of planes was very new and its probably very unusual these days, but then again most real hangers have other things than just a plane in in them. I decided to purchase the scenery Tropical Sim St Thomas 2010 TIST and the Catamaran from Delta Sim Studios on Sim Market because it reminded me so much of the excursion I took last April of 2010 while visiting St Thomas on a cruise ship. Having visited twice in the past 4 years everything still looks the same in real world and simulation world. Looking at scenery from a different angle instead of 30000 feet I ask, why not look at it from sea level.

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