Day: January 18, 2011

Real Earth X – Dolomiti X Comelico

After installing Dolomiti X Comelico, you get a large area in Italian Dolomites covered with photoreal textures, including seasons and night sets. That’s not all,

Review FlyTampa – rebooted v2 for FSX

Tampa International airport, KTPA, is located just west of Tampa, Florida. The airport has three runways; 10/28@6,999ft, 19L/1R@8,300ft and 19R/1L@11,002ft. The airport has a centrally located main terminal with 4 satellite (airside) terminals around the outside that are connected via an elevated APM, automated people mover system. Tampa was the first airport to employ this type of configuration. With over 16 million passengers using the facility in 2009 it was the 26th busiest airport in North America as far as passenger traffic goes.

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