Day: April 14, 2011

Oakland release planned

We linked to Oakland preview just two weeks ago, and FlightDream webpage already set its release date. San Francisco Bay may see your landing gear

FSAddon — Storch project

FSAddon Publishing manager, Francois Dumas visited last year a real and flying Storch at Fantasy of Flight, between Tampa and Orlando, Florida, USA. As a

Lionheart – WT-9 Dynamic

Lionheart has an impressive and future best seller here : stunning 3D model, strong Garmin equipments with numerous animations.. Discover the Dynon PFD D-100 and

Flight1 – Dodosim 206 FSX Reviewed

Helicopters in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It has always been a thing of controversy. The first helicopter to appear in Microsoft Flight Simulator was the Bell

Greek Airport Project – Mega Corfu X

httpv:// Mega details have been 3D modelled and mapped of photoreal textures to produce this new Mega Corfu X. Greek Airport Project covers the entire

Navigraph — AIRAC Cycle 1104

The latest Airac cycle 1104 is available to update your aircraft FMS and planners. Navigraph Navdata now supports the Flight1 Aviation Technologies G1000 Student addon.

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