Day: October 16, 2011

Drubware – FS Cabin crew German set

httpv:// FS Cabin crew tool was launched with a single English voice set, and the other sets were said to be available at a later

Icaro EC-135 freeware nearing completion

The popular EC-135 helicopter have been developed by a freeware group including Thoms Rohl and Icaro members. Their FS9 version is nearing completion but there

FSAddon – the Hudson Preview

FSAddon received informations from one of their developers working on the Hudson. The various preview pictures are shared on their homepage here.

Just Planes – Royal (2 DVD’s)

There are 2 DVDs available at simMarket Just Planes showing operations of the former Canadian airline Royal. Filmed in 1997 and 1998 on VHS, you

Microsoft Flight October Preview

Now you’ve taken the regular rythm of Microsoft Flight news, once a month, I guess you were expecting this one. Direct your browser again to

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