Day: February 10, 2012

Taburet’s Copenhagen for X-Plane

The increasing amount of scenery becoming available for X-Plane 10 continues, with Taburet covering the Danish capital of Copenhagen with photoreal textures. According to the

Aurigny Airlines video from Just Planes

We don’t get a video preview of this latest DVD from Just Planes for some reason, but Aurigny’s slightly odd fleet of turbprops and Britten-Norman

Port Simulator 2012 Hamburg

Port Simulator 2012 Hambourg can be played as a single player or in multiplayer mode, to manage the different materials and containers to their respective terminals.

FS Flight Keeper v3.3 released

Thomas Molitor announced in his forum the update v3.3 for FS Flight Keeper, the complete logbook, ACARS, moving map and detailed fllight informations management tool. With this

Skysoft – Lhasa Gonggar for FS2004

The second Tibetan release for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2004 from developers Skysoft, following their Linzhi Milin airport released last year, Lhasa Gonggar is built on

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