Day: November 17, 2012

Freeware Denmark Scenery V1.4

Just a few days ago, the Denmark Scenery team recently released version 1.4 of its comprehensive land scenery. All georeferenced, it brings an advanced scenery

Aerosoft LEMD Updated

Although they have announced that a full new version of the scenery is in development, Sim-Wings, the developers of Aerosoft‘s Madrid Barajas package have updated

P3D Support from NL2000

The other piece of news that slipped through the net earlier this week is that the developers of the NL2000 project have announced the release

FSXWeather from PositionGames

We’re slightly late reporting this, but users of Apple’s iPhone or iPad in addition to FSX might be interested in PositionGames‘ FSXWeather app – a

Orbx FTX England Released

This is another one of those packages which probably really deserves the ‘eagerly anticipated’ line in announcing its release – and not just by your

Civilian P-51D Manual Released

Not that they’re gearing up for release at all, but A2A Simulations have announced the availability of the manual for their upcoming Civilian P-51D Mustang,

FS2Crew – PMDG 737NGX Update

Officially announced these days, FS2Crew updated the PMDG 737 NGX edition of their multicrew management addon. The major update is highly recommended for all customers,

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