Day: January 10, 2013

Airbus X Extended v1.03

Aerosoft changed the installer of the Airbus X Extended to version 1.03. The list of fixes is really interesting with crash-to-desktop issues fixes, autopilot /

Navigraph AIRAC Cycle 1301

Navigraph released today the latest AIRAC Cycle 1301 to update FMS and flight planners navigation databses. It can also update some tools like Dispatch Planner III,

Aerosoft Twin Otter X Extended progress

Adventurous, powerful, and of course popular, the Twin Otter X Extended may be your preferred tool for your virtual flights between exotic destinations ! Get

Sky Blue Radio “VA Days”

Sky Blue Radio have announced “VA Days” in February 2013, where qualifying virtual airlines will be promoted free of charge on air, by the internet

“Emergency NGX” announced

Bryan York of FS2Crew has issued a press release, announcing their latest add-on for the PMDG B737NGX aircraft. “Attention PMDG 737 NGX and FS2Crew 737

FlyLogic Grenchen now Downloadable

Already available as a boxed product, Flylogic‘s Grenchen, published by Aerosoft, is now available as a download package, too. This detailed Swiss airport features 12cm/pixel

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