Day: March 21, 2013

FlightSim Commander updated : v9.2.2

Through the years and versions, FSC has gained fame in FS community, handy features, and more and more intuitive user interface. Serving as flight plan

OLBAX to be expanded as Beirut X

The airport OLBAX already exists and it’s freeware, for latecomers it’s linked on their Facebook page, see their post on February 7th or click directly

Razbam – Harrier GR.7/GR.9

httpv:// This new Harrier package of Razbam will enable air refueling exercises : their Harrier GR.7 and GR.9 have working air refueling probe, working engine

Skysoft Sim. Shenzhen Intl Airport preview

Regular customers of simMarket and visitors of simFlight know about their name, Skysoft Simulation, scenery makers of Chinese airport. In FSDeveloper forum, there’s a preview

Flight Simulator Conference April 13th

Nobody worries if Aerosoft will attend or not the 11th Flight Simulator Conference in Germany, held at Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport. It’s the home of Aerosoft headquarters, well

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