Day: April 24, 2013

Alex Design Sanya Phoenix

Surprisingly for  an airport outside the ‘mainstream’ of major hubs, this isn’t the first scenery of Sanya Phoenix International Airport (ZYSJ/SYX)to be released, but Alex

MegaScenery Earth – Massachussets

With MegaScenery Earth, you can fly photoreal sceneries as large as an entire state of USA. After the Connecticut released at simMarket, the Massachussets covers

BBS A320 Prologue v0.75 released

BlackBox Simulation is very active on Facebook where they interact with their customers and answer them. The last upgrade for their A320 Prologue is now

PMDG 777 new preview screenshot

Curious to see a new PMDG Boeing 777 preview screenshot ? Head your browser to PMDG Facebook and look at their header.

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