Day: May 29, 2013

Simulator World 6-2013

The latest English Language edition of Simulator World, the free PDF cross-platform magazine, is available now through simMarket, featuring articles on Train Simulator 2013, The

Tower 2011 adds KRDU + KSAN

FeelThere have added two more control centres to their Tower 2011 product, this time KRDU – Raleigh-Durham International, with San Diego International – KSAN –

Vienna Add-on for OMSI Omnibus

It has been in the top three of the best sellers in the other simulators category at simMarket, reproducing the double deck MAN SD200 /

More real-world sim experiences

Two more real-world simulator experiences have added simMarket to their ticket outlets recently – both operating A320 cockpit experiences. The first, pictured above, is ViennaFlight,

Professional Flight Planner X price info

In Aerosoft forum, we learn that the German company will publish PFPX flight planning software and that it should be priced just below 50 Euros including VAT.

Golden Age – Stinson SR-8 Gullwing

httpv:// 156 Mb is the download size after purchase of the Stinson SR-8 Gullwing by Golden Age. The publisher description announce it includes “3 complete

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