Day: November 18, 2013

Taxi2Gate – Orlando KMCO is out

Impressive by its realims in both 3D shapes and textures, Taxi2Gate released Orlando KMCO, the second most airport of Florida, USA. You can expect some

IXEG 737 project still alive

The IXEG developers team are willing to demonstrate to the interested X-Plane pilots that their 737 Classic advanced simulation is still a project “much alive”,

Flight1 Super King Air B200 v1.3

Like often now, to apply the new update 1.3 on the Super King Air B200 from Flight1, you’ll have in fact to download the new

FSDG Seychelles X preview

Found between India and Madagascar, the marvellous Seychelles Islands will be the next scenery product of FSDG, to be published by Aerosoft. Click this link

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