Day: January 4, 2014

Moscow preview from Drzewiecki Design

well regarded Polish developers Drzeriecki Design have announced that their next project will be Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE/SVO), yesterday on their forums. The team posted several

FSX Western Africa Enchanced by OFX

Along with most of Asia, Africa is definitely an area of the world massively under-developed for flight simulators in general. OFX Simulation are trying to

Topskills ATC for IFR Video This video from Topskills covers the use of the default MS FS ATC when operating under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in the simulator. At

Iris Warthog TacPack beta news

David from Iris Simulations has announced on Facebook and on their forums that the TacPack integration for their A-10A Warthog Driver will soon be entering

FSXstarter from Peter Rosendahl

Peter Rosendahl has announced the release of his FSXstarter freeware application. At its heart lies a switcher application that allows the user to define different

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