Day: August 14, 2015

I.D.S – Lyden Pindling Previews

I.D.S have posted a few previews of their MYNN project. If you look carefully, you can make out the terminal and its looking great so

LatinWings, Valencia Previews

LatinWings, developer of Barinas Airport, Venezuela. They’ve recently have posted some nice screenshots on their Facebook page in addition to populating their forum with more pictures.

727 Captain – Update 2.6

Captain Sim sent out a newsletter to their customers to let them know about the release of their Service Pack 2.6 for the 727 Captain. Prepar3D

Aerosoft – Quito Update

Aerosoft have published an update on the long awaited Quito; Some of the ground textures can be seen below in their spectacular Aerosoft Fashion. I

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