Day: September 8, 2015

Donationware : Solomon Islands X

You won your tickets to Solomon Islands close to Papua New Guinea in Oceania. Say thanks to Emerald Scenery Design, their donationware scenery works with

Aerosoft – Bonaire X Released Bonaire X, Another spectacular release by Jo Erlend. Bonaire is a small island in the Southern Caribbean and is a popular holiday destination among surfers

MagMexico – Culiacán Released!

Today, MagMexico has announced the release of their new product; Culiacán. Included in some of the features are photo real textures in addition to a detailed ground

Aerosoft “Thunder” gets TacPacked

A new “Major Update” newly released for the Aerosoft English Electric Lightning brings the package to version 2.0, adding support for VRS TacPack, plus a

GSX v1.9.12 Released

FSDT have released an update for their Ground Services X addon, bringing it to v1.9.12. Within the new update, you will find 3 new features

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