Day: November 11, 2015

Aerosoft – Calvi St Catherine Released

Aerosoft have released their in-house version of Calvi St Catherine which is completely different to the recently released FSX3D version that we saw not too long

Aerosoft – A330 Systems Preview

Stefan, the modeller for the A330 is currently working with the systems team to integrate all the dials and buttons. Textures are 90% “unfinished” and

Drzewiecki Design – Baku X Previews

Drzewiecki Design Baku X, this product will include the city of Baku, “light” versions of all other Azeri airports and also optional photo ground coverage (8m/pix)

ORBX – Welshpool EGCW Announced

Heiko and Andreas’ last UK project, has been pulled from the back burner and is in the process of being finished off by Alex Goff.

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