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Late last year, Milviz released the T-38A Talon Advanced, a follow-up to their 2011 T-38A Jet Trainer. The main new features in the Advanced version are a custom flight dynamics and physics model, failure and damage modelling and a new, custom, flight control system. Intrigued, I got myself a T-38, and strapped myself in the front seat. Let’s see whether Milviz managed to convince this virtual pilot, shall we?

For the last couple of years, anybody interested in military aviation in FSX hasn’t been able to get around Vertical Reality Simulations’ F/A-18E Superbug for its attention to detail, or their TacPack module for how it brings weapons to a sim that wasn’t designed to handle them. A couple of months ago, they released both these products for Lockheed-Martin’s Prepar3D V2 Academic as well. And while the functionality is basically the same as for the FSX versions, I think these products are worth another look in this new environment. So let’s see how VRS did this time, shall we?

The KCFS Seabee isn’t a new release. It’s actually quite an old one. So why review it now? Well, frankly, because I only just got it. There’s also the fact that the aircraft is a fairly new release on Steam as DLC (DownLoadable Content – what most people just call “add-ons”!) so it’s “new” to a lot of people. Finally, why not? It’s unusual in several ways, as well as being developed by an ex-ACES developer, so it has to be worth a look.

Boeing didn’t stop improving and expanding on the 777 family after they finished the original 777-200. In the same way, PMDG didn’t just forget about their 777-200LR/F when they initially released it. They released a major service pack at the beginning of last summer, and concurrently they also released an expansion pack in the form of the 777-300ER, the biggest and baddest variant of the family. This expansion is what this review is all about.

When A2A Simulations first announced that they were doing an Accu-Sim C172, many within their community were actually quite upset. After all, with the exception of the B377 that started the whole thing off and the later Piper J3 Cub, all of the Accu-Sim models have been warbirds. That’s what the community wanted, even demanded. In the clear light of day, however, the C172 was very much a hit. Many of the “warbird-only” fliers are now flying, shock horror, a modern GA ‘Spam Can’. Even worse, they’re enjoying flying a modern GA ‘Spam Can’. More to the point, it also…

The Boeing 737 series aircraft is a short to medium-range twin-engine narrow-body jet airliner that also happens to be the best-selling jet airliner in the history of aviation. Milviz has chosen to recreate the 737-200c variant that originally entered service in April of 1968. In total 1010 of the 200s were built. The 737-200c (Convertible) allowed the conversion between passenger and cargo use. An interesting capability of the 737-200, which is not shared with any other similarly-sized jet aircraft, is its ability to operate from unimproved or unpaved landing strips, such as gravel runways with the “gravelkit” modification installed. The…

We’ve had several highly anticipated releases the last 2 months. The A2A Simulations Cessna C172 Trainer, and Aerosoft/Flightsimsoft PFPX come to mind. But the highly anticipated release I’ll be talking about here, is the Precision Manuals Development Group 777LR/F. After the Jetstream 41 and the Boeing 737, PMDG is back to a long range, wide-body aircraft!

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