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iniBuilds – A310-300 XP 1st Walkthrough Video

By 0 Before you get your hands on this exciting and very advanced simulation of the Airbus A310-300, iniBuilds is showcasing the features of their airliner developed for X-Plane. CPDLC and ACARS are just some features of the airliner announced for release soon at simMarket. It will join the existing A300-600R(F)…


iniBuilds – iniSimulations A310-300 On The Line – The Trailer

By 0 The full trailer of the next iniBuilds advanced airplane simulation for X-Plane includes more information about their A310-300. It will come with failures and their respective visual effects, takeoff and landing calculator, detailed cabin interior, and more. The iniBuilds aircraft products line can be found at simMarket : A300-600R(F) and A300-600ST…


iniBuilds – A310-300 Teaser for X-Plane

By 0 The next star of iniBuilds aircraft catalogue for X-Plane will be the A310-300. This short teaser reveals its 3D body and animations of the airliner. iniBuilds aircraft existing products include the A300-600R(F) and A300-600ST Beluga, with realistic systems and procedures, both available at simMarket.