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Simbreeze – Abu Dhabi OMAA P3D5

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Good news for Simbreeze’s customers who purchased Abu Dhabi OMAA for P3D4. They are entitled for a free upgrade and can download now the new P3D V5 scenery. SODE jetways and dynamic lights along many other features will be displayed on your monitor when you fly to that destination in…


Simbreeze – Abu Dhabi OMAA P3D4

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2 Years after the previous version, Abu Dhabi OMAA for P3D4 appears with new features : SODE animated jetways and dynamic lights. Simbreeze allows the customers of the older scenery made for FSX P3D v1-v3 to get the P3D v4 upgrade for a 10 EUR fee (vat excl.).


Simbreeze – Abu Dhabi X

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In the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi has become a famous destination for business or tourism. Its airport (OMAA) has just been developed by Simbreeze, either for FSX/P3D or for FS9. To convince you it’s a detailed scenery, you’ll find in the features list animated vehicles, static objects, custom textures and buildings.


Simbreeze – Abu Dhabi X Coming Soon

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Today, SimBreeze have announced that their rendition of Abu Dhabi X is coming soon. Some of the things you can expect are safegate Docking signs, animated apron vehicles and static objects and much more which can be found on their Facebook page.


Aerosoft – Night environement Dubai

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It’s not only for Dubai, as it covers the entire United Arab Emirates including Abu Dhabi. This time again, Aerosoft offers an impressive night upgrade for FSX with thousands of lights placed according to databases. Highways and roads serving neighborhoods will be lit as in real life tp produce a much…