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Milviz Advanced Series T-38A Talon Review

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Late last year, Milviz released the T-38A Talon Advanced, a follow-up to their 2011 T-38A Jet Trainer. The main new features in the Advanced version are a custom flight dynamics and physics model, failure and damage modelling and a new, custom, flight control system. Intrigued, I got myself a T-38,…

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More JustTrains boxes at simMarket

By 0 JustTrains have expanded the number of boxed products they sell through simMarket, with the addition of four new sets for Train Simulator 2012. According to information from, the developer of the simulator, TS2012 add-ons “…will continue to work as normal within Train Simulator 2013 and will not be…

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JustFlight B737-200 released

By 0 Out now, with the boxed version available here through simMarket, is the Boeing 737-200 airliner modelled by Black Box Simulation and published by JustFlight. The package includes the Advanced variant of the -200 series passenger jet, with more powerful JT-8 engines, greater fuel capacity, longer range and improved aerodynamics.…