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AST Tech – Photo-real Bologna

AST Tech announces their photoreal textures reach the high definition rate of 1.19 meters per pixel/LOD 15 to cover Bologna Italian city and surroundings. It

AST Tech – Photoreal Stockholm

If you’ve heard good opinions about the Swedish capital, about the numerous and wide parks, low density urbanism, it’s time to check this up in

AST Tech Photo-real Toulouse for FSX

The city of Toulouse in southern France is probably best known within this hobby as being the headquarters of Airbus Industrie and final assembly point

AST-Tech Photo Real Milan

The use of photo scenery has become very popular since it really took off with FS9 and numerous developers are now creating it for FS9,

AST Tech – Photoreal Lyon

AST Tech compilted in 1,9Gb the installation file to cover the French city Lyon and surroundings, located not so far of Alps, Italy and Switzerlan.

AST Tech – Photoreal Brussels

Cover Brussels city and surroundings, the European Capital, of photoreal textures made of aerial views at 0,59m per pixel. You’ll just need 3,7 Gb free

AST Tech – Photoreal Madrid

Photoreal sceneries made at high resolution increase the visual quality to look crisp, but the file size gets larger as well. There’s a new photoreal

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