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Aerosoft – Airport Berlin Brandenburg XP 11

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The latest X-Plane airport scenery of Aerosoft models Berlin Brandenburg. And you can choose between two configs including the existing Schönefeld area, and the future international airport of Brandenburg “Willy Brandt” that is not ready for operations yet.


Aerosoft – CRJ200 and Berlin Brandenburg Preview For XP11

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Aerosoft has two upcoming products for X-Plane 11 both announced with quick preview shots : the CRJ-200, where 50 passengers can take place and pilots use the Collins Pro Line avionics. Berlin Brandenburg scenery product will include Willy Brandt and Berlin Schönefeld, using high definition photoreal terrain textures.  


Aerosoft – Mega Airport Berlin-Brandenburg Professional P3D4

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The Professional sceneries of Aerosoft are exclusively designed for P3D4 and includes the most advanced design techniques and features. Their latest titles is Mega Airport Berlin-Brandenburg so you can explore the future airport of the German capital to be opened to the public maybe in 2019 or 2020.


Temporary AES for Dublin X and Berlin

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Airport Enhancement Services fans won’t have to wait for next official update to use the ground services and vehicles with Dublin X and Berlin Brandenburg airports of Aerosoft. Find the temporary update to apply on AES version 2.34 in their support forum here.

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Brandenburg screenshots at Aerosoft

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On the German language forums at Aerosoft, the developers of the upcoming Berlin Brandenburg scenery, Limesim and 29Palms, have posted some more screenshots of their progress. The scenery, while clearly incomplete, already looks superb. Check out the screenshots and discussion (in German) here.