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German Army BO-105 Freeware Helicopter

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Dirk Stuck of Germany built a German Army BO-105 PAH helicopter for FSX, as freeware. He writes “……I’ve worked 5 months on this BO version and everybody told me to make it payware but I decided to make it as a freeware for you. If you like to make a…


Small Fix For Nemeth Bo 105

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Nemeth Designs have uploaded a small patch for their MBB Bo 105 Helicopter. The patch fixes engine sound, adds a couple of contact point fixes and adds new interior cameras. You can download the patch here.


Nemeth Designs Brings You The BO-105

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The Nemeth brothers from Hungary, reknown for their wonderfully realistic helicopters now bring you the German BO-105 for FSX. “….. The Bo 105 is a light utility helicopter system recognized around the globe for its versatility, performance and safety record. It serves in a military and civilian capacity in nations…