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OMSI 2 – Add-on Mallorca

A new map expansion for OMSI 2 has arrived at the shop : Add-on Mallorca includes various bus lines and buses (solo or articulated) to drive

Fernbus Coach Simulator updated

The latest bus simulator has got an important update to fix issues reported by many users of Fernbus Coach Simulator as you can read in the

Fernbus Coach Simulator is here !

httpv:// Developed by TML Studios in partnership with Flixbus, an actual intercities coach transport company in Germany, Aerosoft publish now Fernbus Coach Simulator ! As virtual driver,

New addons for OMSI 2

In both new addons for OMSI 2, you get new buses with articulated variants, and editable front band displays to match the bus you drive. Various

Biggest expansion for OMSI 2

httpv:// Named Project Gladbeck, it’s a wide expansion for Omnibus Simulator 2.  As a virtual bus driver, you get about 2.000 hours of fun through the

OMSI 2 – Add-on Berlin x10

The lucky bus drivers in OMSI 2 can expand again their playground, to Berlin. The Berlin X10 pack includes 18 bus lines, and is 60km

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