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On-Next Development – SimSounds 4.0 MSFS P3D FSX

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You can try for free during 30 days and with full features available the new SimSounds 4.0, software developed by On-Next Development. It’s now compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator, as well as P3D and FSX. It will add numerous cabin announcements and sounds for more immersive flights. If you miss…


FS Cabin Crew in French

By 0 Drubware adds French to the FS Cabin Crew supported languages. Users of any FS Cabin Crew Edition should expand their product with the French pack. If you want to purchase FS Cabin Crew for first time, you will need the French Edition. Then you’re free to complete your Edition with any…

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FSPS Ultimate Airline Crew

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Newly released from FSPS is Ultimate Airline Crew, an external tool for both FS9 and FSX that gives your flight added life in the form of cabin and flight deck crew with no less than seven language options available. According to the release information, “[UAC] is the most complete software…