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Review: Orbx – FTX: YBCS Cairns International Airport

Orbx FTX have been developing superior ‘scenery’ for FSX for some time with the wonderful FTX Australia series and are now producing enhanced air ports for that continent. The latest addition to my library is the superlative Cairns which is a major tourist resort city in Far North Queensland, Australia. As I have noted on previous occasions is that with all the ORBX FTX scenery if you are not careful you can spend more time on the ground than in the air as there is so much to see. Make no mistake, Cairns is another phenomenal detailed add-on that makes for great flying in FSX. in addition, it fits seamlessly with Orbx’ FTX – Australia AU GREEN, as you would expect it to. It is a great place to navigate, and it is ideal for VFR flying, and the Great Barrier reef and the rainforest hinterland beckons on every flight. To see everything in great detail I used the A2A Cub, the default Bell, Carenado Baron B58, and the ubiquitous ‘ORBX BOB’ as my exploration vehicles. I’ll say this yet again, every time you open this scenery, you will discover something new. I also used the latest freeware scenery for Murray Island, Queensland situated in the Torres Strait, north of Cairns.

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