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Just Flight – Steam Gauge Overhaul-Analog Caravan MSFS

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Developed by Black Square for Just Flight publisher, this pack is a vast upgrade on numerous aspects for a serious improvement of the default Caravan aircraft in MSFS. In Steam Gauge Overhaul-Analog Caravan MSFS, obviously, the first goal is to revamp the gauges implemented in the cockpit for much more…


Just Planes – Air Tindi “Ski Pilots” Bluray

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httpv:// I would put this new aviation bluray video in my personal selection. Thanks to Just Planes, here is another original production filmed in partnership with Air Tindi. This Canadian airline operates 25 aircraft for charter and freight flights in hard winter conditions… Cockpit videos include Twin Otter, Dash 7…


Just Planes visit Costa Rica’s Nature Air

By 0 This latest Blu-Ray from Just Planes takes a step down in size from their usual fare, following the deHavilland Twin Otters and Cessna Caravans of Nature Air to 10 destinations from San Jose in Costa Rica. With 18 flights in total followed the video introduces “TailCAM & WingCAM along…

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Carenado’s C208 released to FS9 service

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Carenado are continuing with their promise to FS9 users that they will publish aircraft for both Microsoft platforms as well as X-Plane, this time by releasing their C208 Grand Caravan for FS2004. The Caravan is a versatile single turboprop found around the world doing everything from bush flying through feeder…

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X-Plane add-ons come to the fore

By 0 I posted a comment yesterday that X-Plane add-ons were coming along in leaps and bounds now that more developers were getting involved and it seems that someone, don’t ask me who, decided to prove that I had at least a bit of a point. Of four new releases at…


Just Planes – Air Caraïbes

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httpv:// From my point of view, this DVD of Air Caraibes is a must have to watch the real locations of famous airports in Caribbean region : St Maarten, St Barth among other airports like Paris Orly and French Antilles islands. You will also have the chance to discover their…


Carenado : Incoming Aircraft

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New screenshots have been published by Carenado on their homepage, about the incoming Beechcraft F33A Bonanza that is already in beta test. Beside it, we found the first preview screens of a Cessna Caravan 3D model taking shape.