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ArezOne release Cirrus SR22 Soundpack

By 0 Designed for use with the Carenado, Eaglesoft or any other rendition of the Cirrus SR22 in MS FSX, ArezOne’s latest soundpack features the Continental IO550-N 6-cylinder powerplant, along with many other aircraft-specific effects. The soundpack as produced in Germany, with the assistance of Cirrus Corporation and includes low power…

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Synchro-Soft CT210 soundset

By 0 Synchro-Soft’s latest replacement sound package covers the Continental IO-470 powered Cessna 210 Centurion – a high wing, single engine, six seat utility aircraft built between 1957 and 1985. Created for use in FSX, the developers’ notes, as usual, don’t actually give any information other than that about the aircraft,…

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Vintage C172 sound set from Synchro-Soft

By 0 Cessna’s 172 series of  aircraft has to be one of the most common trainers and tourers in the world. In the Western world, at least, there can be few pilots who haven’t flown at least one. Synchro-Soft’s latest release provides a replacement sound set for classic Cessna 172 aircraft,…


Just Planes — Continental Express ATR42

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httpv:// Captain Mc Knight of Continental Airlines welcomes you aboard his ATR 42-300. This is not the larget flightdeck met in an airliner, but the ATR is a unique aircraft with specific engines ignition procedures for instance. Filmed between Philadelphia, Albany, Burlington, Hartford Bradley and Newark with views of the…