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Aerosoft – Airport Chania MSFS

On Crete island in the Mediterranean Sea, the superb airport Chania LGSA exists also in the catalogue of the German publisher Aerosoft, for MSFS. In

Aerosoft – Airport Chania XP11

About 3 millions passengers per year fly to and from the airport of Chania LGSA based on the Western part of Crete Island. It’s from

Aerosoft – Chania P3D Update

A few items have been corrected and new content has been added to the Greek airport of Chania LGSA, located on Crete Island and published

FlyTampa – Heraklion X-Plane 11

Impressed by Athens LGAV and earlier by Thessaloniki LGTS in X-Plane 11 ? There’s more, discover now Heraklion LGIR, also by FlyTampa of course. In

Aerosoft – Chania LGSA Crete P3D4

Aerosoft directors and designers know well how much you like Greek islands, and that includes Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. That’s why they added a

JustSim – Chania XP11 (LGSA)

Small roads across dry lands, and small bucolic villages can describe most parts of Crete island. At Chania airport (LGSA), the scenery looks more like

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