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Freeware Upgrade for P3D Default CRJ-700

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The CRJ-700 installed by default in P3D can be greatly updated for free thanks to 2Skies ProFlight package. It will receive new sounds, 4k textures on the exterior body and HD textures in the virtual cockpit. TrueGlass by TFDi Design is also integrated for super realistic effects of rain, ice…


Aerosoft – CRJ 700 Livery Previews

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Over on the Aerosoft Forum, Mathijs has released a few livery previews that Holgi has made. The first of his batch includes; American Eagle, Air Canada, Styrian Spirit and also the classic Blank repaint. He also provided an image a couple of days ago showing the 2D gauges, FMS’s and…


CRJ-700 Sounds From TSS

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The Danish TSS is “….. proud to announce the TSS CRJ-700 GE-CF34 Soundpack for FSX, this features the soundcones in FSX, so you can enjoy the sound from every angle. With this soundpack,we have captured all the best soundmoments , and put them together, to combine a truly stunning representation…