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Skyline Simulations – CYTZ Billy Bishop Porter Airport XP11

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In the regional airport of CYTZ Billy Bishop Porter on Toronto Island in Canada, Skyline Simulations took the time to integrate advanced features, including many animations. The Toronto City area, access to the maintenance hangar or the General Aviation area will please numerous virtual pilots.


FSimStudios – Toronto City CYTZ Previews

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FSimStudios have released another batch of screenshots on their FS Developer post recently and its fair to say that it looks really nice from what I can see (especially the night previews) Also mentioned is that the project has now entered beta. Woo, hopefully release will be soon!


FSimStudios – Toronto City Airport CYTZ development

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FSimStudios reveal their scenery progress at CYTZ Billy Bishop airport in Toronto through FSDeveloper forum. Look at the screenshots to make your mind about the current state of development and the graphisc of the airport and its surroundings.