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DFS – Swiss Seaplane Pilot P3D4

In Switzerland, walk on the dock to get onboard your Piper Super Cub Amphibian. And fly one of the three seaplane missions included in DFS –

DFS invites you back to glacier flying

Although this package is only usable by those who already have Flylogic’s “Switzerland Professional” package, DFS’s Swiss Glacier Pilot volume 2 provides those who do

DFS – DVD Patrouille Suisse Tango

This new DVD video shows the Swiss Air Force “Patrouille”. You get it, these are the best pilots performing their entire aerobatic programme. And to

DFS – Patrouille Suisse Extension

New at simMarket, Patrouille Suisse Extension has new missions for owners of Patrouille Suisse X from FlyLogic. It’s an expansion to let you fly the

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