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DFS – Swiss Seaplane Pilot P3D4

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In Switzerland, walk on the dock to get onboard your Piper Super Cub Amphibian. And fly one of the three seaplane missions included in DFS – Swiss Seaplane Pilot for P3D4. Yes, the scenery is also part of the product content.


DFS – Swiss Glacier Pilot Vol.1&2 P3D4

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This is a complete pack produced by Design for FS : an aircraft, the Piper Super Cub PA-18 with wheels and skis, a glacier scenery in Switzerland, and three kinds of missions available in three languages (English, German or French). Various liveries for the aircraft are even added, are you ready…

Add-on or Expansion Pack

DFS invites you back to glacier flying

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Although this package is only usable by those who already have Flylogic’s “Switzerland Professional” package, DFS’s Swiss Glacier Pilot volume 2 provides those who do with an additional aircraft in the form of the Fieseler Storch by Simon Smieman/Kurt Stöckli and a number of missions to fly in FSX utilising…


DFS – DVD Patrouille Suisse Tango

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This new DVD video shows the Swiss Air Force “Patrouille”. You get it, these are the best pilots performing their entire aerobatic programme. And to achieve the perfect pictures, they placed HD cameras on the pilots helmets, on the aircraft body and in the cockpit.


DFS – Patrouille Suisse Extension

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New at simMarket, Patrouille Suisse Extension has new missions for owners of Patrouille Suisse X from FlyLogic. It’s an expansion to let you fly the full training session but also return flights, based on data recorded during the real flight of the Swiss team in October 2009. Patrouille Suisse X