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Dirk Stuck Design – Ground Vehicles P3D v2.5

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Dirk Stuck Design have released “World airport ground traffic” which appears to be replacement ground vehicle textures ONLY for P3D v2.5. Another feature is that apparently upon arrival at an airport it changes the cars till you seen all of them which is a nice feature. More information on the…


Dirk Stuck Design – Sikorsky Seahorse

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The Sikorsky Seahorse package developed by Dirk Stuck Design for FSX include different versions and models of the military helicopter. It should get you busy for the next days, and even more when they release the missions they want to prepare for it (to be sold separately).


Dirk Stuck Design – Ground X Traffic USA Extreme Standalone

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The FS add-ons products can get complicated when they are released in different parts and when you need to purchase one or even various ones just to get the last part you are interested in. The Ground X Traffic Extreme products range of Dirk Stuck Desgin was going in that…


Dirk Stuck Design – Ground X Traffic Europe Extreme

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With Ground X Traffic Europe Extreme, you get 60 realistic different vehicles for enhanced ground services using the FSX engine, for all Europe. Compatible with previous Dirk’s products, Ground X Traffic Europe Extreme brings different vehicles at each airport. The product is marked down almost half price for a limited…