Aerosoft – Brussels MSFS Work-in-progress

Aerosoft revealed their project of a detailed airport scenery for EBBR Brussels in Flight Simulator. And we’re sharing here their current work-in-progress report with screenshots

JustSim – EBBR Brussels Airport MSFS

Brussels EBBR has an important place among the European international airports. Serving the capital of Belgium where are also located some of the European Union

Aerosoft – Brussels MSFS Preview

Maybe the first add-on by Aerosoft for Microsoft Flight Simulator ? This is at least the “first work-in-progress screenshots” of a big airport developed by

JustSim – EBBR Brussels V2 P3D4.4+

The enhancements by JustSim of the capital airport in Belgium include the ground polygon designed by following SDK requirements of P3D v4.4+, the addition of

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