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Aerosoft – Frankfurt Egelsbach XP

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Don’t think only about Frankfurt Main EDDF. Coded EDFE in ICAO airports repertory, Egelsbach is located a little bit further in the South of Frankfurt city. This little airport is much more oriented to general aviation flights than EDDF, although it’s also decently equipped with a 4593 feet long asphalt runway with ILS to…

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Aerosoft Frankfurt-Egelsbach for FSX

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Most people have heard of Frankfurt’s main airport, which apart from anything else used to be one of the busiest military airports in the world alongside the huge amounts of airliners, but it’s much smaller GA neighbour, Egelsbach, may well come as a surprise to many. Opening as a grass…


Frankfurt Egelsbach preview

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Did you really need me to specify who is the publisher ? Let’s see … Frankfurt is in Germany, preview teasing method.. And it’s Mathijs Kok the uploader. Busted, you got it’s Aerosoft. Another Frankfurt airport for FS, Egelsbach EDFE this time … before Frankfurt Main remade as announced ?