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Editorial: That’s a bit cheeky, Microsoft!

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Many users of Microsoft operating systems just tend to set their updates to ‘automatic’, or click install on anything ‘recommended’ or ‘important’ without looking what the update actually does. Sometimes, the result of this can be downright dangerous – updates have, in the past, disabled hardware or software and, on…


FSX Steam Edition: Updates, Fixes and Comment

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It’s hard to write about a new release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, as if there was ever a topic that’s been beaten to death more than once, it’s a list of the advantages and flaws of the “final proper part of the MSFS franchise”. FSX is a title that…


Grumpy Tales

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My good friend Miguel often calls me grumpy, a name that until recently I myself attached to quite a few people older than me. Since I am rapidly growing older myself, or so it seems of late, I guess I’m as grumpy as the next old guy. That is if…

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Did You Know……

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…… that nowadays you can CLICK your mouse on the thumbnail picture to the left of our articles, and get an enlarged view of the picture? (Well, with most of them, you don’t want to see my head enlarged…..). Did you also know that all comments are emailed to us…