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Pilot’s FSG – Leicestershire Aeroclub EGBG P3D4

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Welcome to the airfield of Leicestershire Aeroclub EGBG for P3D4, in England. The German group Pilot’s FSG combined modern scenery features in this product to fit the needs of VFR pilots : seasonal and 4K textures with SODE animations and PBR effects to ensure the best visuals at low altitude.

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Aviasim Products at simMarket

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Two new products for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 have made their way onto simMarket’s virtual shelves this weekend from Aviasim, Saarlouis-Düren in Saarland, Germany, and Leicester Aeroclub Revisited in the Midlands of England. Both products feature photorealistic ground textures and detailed custom structures, with BGL lighting and, in the case…