RDpresets – ENBR Bergen Update 1 MSFS

The Norwegian airport of Bergen Flesland ENBR is getting better and better in MSFS. RDpresets worked on the update #1 for the airport perfectly located

Aerosoft – Airport Bergen XP

The German publishers maintains the special efforts to deliver new detailed airports for X-Plane 11 and 10.50. Bergen ENBR is the second most important airport

Aerosoft – Bergen X shot in P3D v2

After Mega Airport Oslo V2, Aerosoft will have another Norwegian destination in their catalogue when they release Bergen X (ENBR). In the first previews, we

Aerosoft announced Bergen ENBR

It’s a pity that Bergen in Norway is not as famous as deserved, because the city is beautiful and attractive, and its region has beautiful

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