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Iris Premium Series – BD-5 Microjet

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This BD-5 Microjet for FSX has been designed by Iris development team, with 3D gauges, custom sounds and various paintschemes. In order to add the BD-5G and BD-5J to your aircrafs collection, click here.


German VSTOL Fighter For FS2004

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Did this fly at all !? In any case it WILL in Flight Simulator FS2004, thanks to LJL-Simulations in Germany. “…. The VJ-101 was an Experimental VTOL Aircraft. Single seated high-wing monoplane equipped with six engines. Two lift engines in the fuselage behind the cockpit and two each in swivelling…


Flying Green

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Here’s an interesting project (AND website) for those of you who believe the world needs to get greener FAST but who also are avid aviation enthusiasts. I know looking at the sky in our beloved Alps hideout that aviation is NOT doing well in that area, clouding the clear skies…