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EZCA v2 Announced

httpv:// EZdok Software announced a new version 2 of the popular tool EZdok Camera. New effects and and new interface should greatly enhance the experience !

Review: Flight 1’s EZdok Camera Addon

Our hobby, flightsimming, is constantly expanding. Developers throw at us; a new aircraft here, an airport there, and every one of them, better than the last one you thought was the best. The awe can sometimes become a little tedious, as it can seem to be just more of the same. A new high in detail, in graphics, or in sound, but still just a plane, or an airport. Even excellence can become average if you are exposed to it too often.
And then, out of the blue, suddenly, without any warning, comes a little gizmo that just seem to blow all those “seen this, done that” feelings out of the water. Something different, something – that looks like it was just the thing the Flightsimulator world was missing – and it didn’t even know it.

EZdok Camera 1.15 Final

EZdok camera tool is now updated to version 1.15. This software makes the flight a little more realistic. You feel better that you are moving

EZdok Camera (EZCA) for FSX

Steve Halpern of Flight1 in the States reports that “…… Flight One Software, in partnership with EZdok Software, is excited to announce the wide availability

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