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Microsoft Flight Simulator : FlightAware Partner

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In their last Partnership series, Microsoft and FlightAware explained what their team work will bring into the new Flight Simulator. Established since 2005, FlightAware gathers the actual air traffic data from multiple sources all over the world. It will be transferred into the simulator as AI traffic, in the air…


Boeing 787 : a bit of humor

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19 hours. It’s the total flight time needed to draw a 787 and the manufacturer logo in US skies. Boeing filed flight plans to make this specific flight tracking and to celebrate their latest airliner launch. All details are found at FlightAware website.


FlightAware To Release 2.0

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FlightAware has released Version 2.0 of their popular on-line flight tracker and flight planner website. meanwhile 150.000 pilots (and flightsimmers) are members of FlightAware and have been giving input over the past year for improvements. Check out the free site here.


FlightAware’s Free Flight Planning Tool

By 0 is a web site for ‘real world’ flying, but like many of these sites it also has its value for sim pilots. FlightAware’s new (Beta) flight planning tool for instance is a great addition to make one’s simulator flights more ‘real’. It lets you pick departure and destination, aircraft…