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1 Giveaway 1 Day : Aeroproyecto – C172N Floatplane P3D FSX

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Aeroproyecto has a nice present to the community today : their Cessna C172N Floatplane for P3D V4/V1 and FSX is completely FREE, for 24 hours only. Its 3D virtual cockpit, electrical system, and numerous effects make that this gift should convince to #Stay@Home a bit more. This Saturday April 19th,…

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Rise of Flight v1.028

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In their latest newsletter, Rise of Flight developers 777Studios have announced version 1.028 of their WW1 combat simulator, which among other things brings a whole new element into play – water. Along with the Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 pictured left, any other aircraft in the sim now has a whole new way…