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Fly Sim Server – Smoke System 2011

Feel prouder with unique screenshots using FSX and FS2004 custom effects brought by Fly Sim Server. They add wet runway effects or engines smokes effects

Flysimware- Animated Gates America Canada

Flysimware sells Animated Gates for FS2004 as 3 regions products covering West Coast, Mid America Canada and East Coast. At each airport included, you’ll see

REVIEW: FlySimServer 1986 Old School Skylane 182K FSX

The Fly Sim Server version of a 1966 (Old School) Cessna 182 K is unique it sounds and looks like it is just about to fall apart or once airborne make contact with the ground multo-rapido! It looks old and battered, but flies very well and it has its own sounds which were made for this plane. I have never experienced the sound effects we have here and will discuss these later in the review, suffice to say that they help with the simming experience.

Alaska Mission From Mark Taylor

Hmmmmmm…… yet another one of these missions. Mark Taylor of ‘Fly Sim Server’ writes “…… Alaska air travel is necessary for the most interesting, and

Blast Through The Desert

Can you say ‘weird’? Or maybe not. FSX is hosting more and more strange aircraft AND other vehicles. Boats, ships, cars, tanks…. even a rocket

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