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SkyDesigners – French Airbase 112 Reims-Champagne MSFS

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SkyDesigners is MSFS ready : makers of several French Airbase sceneries in the past, they launched their first military airbase for the new simulator from Microsoft, from where Mirage F1 were operated at Reims-Champagne LFQA. There are plenty of static aircraft and very detailed maintenance hangars with ground objects, 3D…


Skydesigners – French Airbase #107 Villacoublay and #709 Cognac

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You just can’t land your Typhoon or Rafale at Paris Charles de Gaulle ! Your trip must start from a military airbase and Skydesigners have new detailed locations in France for you. Well, you can land an A330 to simulate French Presidency flights at the French Airbase #107 Villacoublay, also…