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FSX Scenery designer? SODE it!

One of the biggest disappointments with FSX for scenery designers, when the sim was released umpteen-and-a-few years ago, was the fact that ACES neglected to

Schedule announced for FSDevConf

Arno Gerretsen of FSDeveloper has announced the schedule for this weekend’s online FS Developers’ Conference, to be held over both Saturday and Sunday using Google+

Dates Announced for FSDeveloper Conference

The dates for‘s “FSDevConf” Developer Conference have been set as the weekend of 15th November 2013. In a press release issued today, the team

747-200 in development

httpv:// Neat animation isn’t it ? You’re watching at the wing leading edge flaps drop of a Boeing 747-200. It’s a new 3D model for

Phuket airport by Tic

I’m sure you didn’t forget VTBS Suvarnabhumi Bangkok scenery remade in 2010 by Tic ? He’s now working the same way to remake VTSP Phuket Airport

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