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FSLabs A320X presentation

Lefteris Kalamaras himself, Flight Sim Labs Manager, was at Aerosoft FS Konferenz in Munich a few days ago. There he could introduce the A320 X

FSLabs A320X more pics

Just in case you are interested in receiving more news about The Airbus project, I mean A320X of FSLabs of course, visit their Facebook page

FSLabs A320 3D cockpit preview

This is the latest cropped view of the A320X virtual cockpit that FSLabs is working at. If you have the chance to go to the

FSLabs A320 Preview

FlightSimLabs uploaded two screenshots to let us have an eye at the A320 3D model they are designing, with the first details of the galley.

FSLabs A320 leg

Here’s a close-up shot of the FSLabs A320 rear right gear. Nice to see a detailed 3D model with high quality textures wrapped on it.

Small glimpse of the FSLabs A320

Flight Sim Labs owned by Lefteris Kalamaras is the serious company who released the most achieved Concorde sim for FSX, joined by Andrew Wilson SSTSim

A320 project by Flight Sim Labs

Yes, there are public news about the A320 project by Flight Sim Labs. Not difficult to imagine how much Airbus lovers and simmers have been

Aerosoft new boxes

Three new Aerosoft boxes have been released. Concorde X from FSLabs comes in its version 1.2 and sets a new standard in jetliners add-ons, the

FSLabs Concorde-X Service Pack 2

Flight Sim Labs published a Service Pack 2 for the Concorde X. Several issues that were not resolved with Service Pack 1 are now addressed with

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