FSPS suggest FFTF Dynamic FSX to FSX pilots who need the highest framerate in the detailed airport, to avoid blurry textures, without having to change the

FSPS – FFTF Dynamic P3D

The new tool of FSPS manages dynamically the framerates target to let more or less CPU power dedicated to the scenery details and loading. Because

FSPS – P3Dv4 Booster Live 2018

P3D Booster Live 2018 is a tool for new users in flight simulation. Instead of using the different graphics settings in P3D v4, FSPS gives a

FSPS – FSX Booster Live

Improve FSX performance in an easy way. Just use a bar to move from 0 to 100% and control the quality to frames ratio as

FSPS – Multicore Next FSX

The new generation of Multicore Next FSX by FSPS can now manage your apps, the hyper-threading CPU feature, affect tasks, and drain all your multicore

FSPS – P3D Booster

FSPS have released an updated version of their P3D booster. Previously it wasn’t compatible with Prepar3D v2.5 due to the way it was created; although after

FSPS – P3D Fiber Accelerator

P3D Fiber Accelerator is the new FSPS tool to get the best graphics result and the smoothest display possible at any time. According to the frames per

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