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Doug’s 3 X Mission Packs Review

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The man with the difficult to pronounce last name, staff reviewer Douglas Zabizewski  has became an FSX missionary to bring you our review for three different commercial mission pack products: FSXADVENTURES – BRITISH AIRWAYS MISSION PACK and UNITED MISSION PACK aswell as PERFECT FLIGHT – FSX MISSIONS EUROWINGS CRJ-700. “Hello…


More FSX Missions To Hit The Streets

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Slowly but steadily more FSX missions are appearing in the shops. Here’s a pack of 44 missions from FSXAdventures, called ‘British Airways Mission Pack’. Included are “….44 set flights/missions, checklist speech, detailed mission briefs, Google Mapsâ„¢ satellite images of destination airports, weather links, Wikipedia links to destinations and more….”.…

simMarket Sells Lufthansa Flights

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New on simMarket today is a package of 40 Lufthansa flights in the form of FSX missions, brought to you by The package includes 40 set flights/missions, detailed mission briefs, Google mapsâ„¢, satellite images of destination airports, weather Links and more. Get it here on simMarket.